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1850 De La Salle Drive
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141
(314) 985 - 6100 (Telephone)
(314) 985 - 6115 (Fax)

Where is CBC High School located?

CBC High School occupies 25 acres at the northwest corner of the I-270 and I-64/U.S. 40 interchange in Town & Country, MO.

To access CBC from the west, one would take the I-64/U.S. 40 eastbound to Mason Road. Make a left at the top of the exit ramp and cross the interstate. Make an immediate right turn onto the North Outer Road. Follow the North Outer Road back eastward toward the new CBC campus.

From the east, take I-64/U.S. 40 westbound to the Mason Road exit. Make a right turn at the top of the exit ramp, then make another immediate right onto the North Outer Road. Follow the North Outer Road back eastward toward the new CBC campus.

Last Name First Name Extension Email Address Department
Albes Tom 4005 Language Arts
Barron Peter 6068 Help Desk Technician
Bartoni Michael 6036 Facilities Manager
Batliner Ryan 4053
Beach Charles 4003 Religion
Benton Ray 4030 Fine and Performing Arts
Bono Russ 6119 Maintenance
Brockman James 6067 Director of Admissions
Brumfield David 4028 Language Arts
Buckvar Nick 4080 Language Arts
Campos Luis 4034 World Languages
Canavan William 4027 Language Arts
Crouch Fred 6119 Maintenance
Cummings Thomas 4062 Science
Dalton Carolyn 6080 Guidance
DeGreeff Matthew 4008 Social Studies
Dimovitz Charles 4031 Science
Dohle James 4020 Social Studies
Eichwald Tom 4025 Religion
English Gayle 6084 Guidance
Farinella Mary 4073 Language Arts
Fisher Michele 6096 Administrative Assistant to the President
Galvin Br. Dennis 6103 Vice President for Mission
Genazzi Tony 1502 Systems Engineer
Genovese Pete 4079 Science
Gerdes Jr. James 4029 Social Studies
Gillard Tim 6085 Guidance
Gillilan Tracy 6074 Learning Needs Coordinator
Goetz Ed 2151 Fine and Performing Arts
Goldkamp Kristen 4101 Religion / Social Studies
Grelle Debbie 6027 LRC
Griffin Kaylyn 4026 World Languages
Gulley Gregg 6119 Maintenance
Gunn Joe 6098 Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Hamer Edward 6105 Science
Hartmann Shelly 4058 Mathematics
Heet Jerry 4046 Mathematics
Henken Joseph 4021 Science
Hildebrand Annie 6032 Nurse
Hingle Scott 4100 Business
Hoffman Susan 6023 Tuition Coordinator
Horne Mason 4044 Physical Education
Officer Hunt Chris 432-4696 School Resource Officer
Jackson Perri 6029 Advancement Assistant
Jamieson Jack 6077 Business / Director of Student Activities
Jones Eddie 6119 Maintenance
Jones Jeff 6104 Institutional Advancement
Jordan Michael 6091 President
Keck Scott 6069 Director of Technology
Kelly Lynn 6121 Administrative Assistant
Kempf Walt 6082 Guidance
Kiersznowski Emily 6037 Advancement Assistant
Knittel Donna 6050 Library Assistant
Kosciolek Liz 6030 Administrative Assistant
Kosciolek Tony 6046 Assistant Athletic Director
Kraus Paul 4038 Religion
Kroepel Margaret 4064 Fine and Performing Arts
Krussel Mike 6033 Campus Minister
Mahon Andrea 4006 Mathematics and Diversity Coordinator
Margolis Carol 6073 LRC
Mazdra Chris 6110 Business Office
McCormack Michael 2115 Physical Education
McGraw Sean 4011 Language Arts
Meinzer Jeannette 4052 World Languages
Merris Chris 4043 Mathematics / Athletics Webmaster
Meyer Br. Paul 4066 Groundskeeper
Michler Terry 6051 World Languages
Morris Ben 4074 Science
Morris Tim 4015 Religion
Mueller Jim 6083 Guidance
Murray Thomas 4056 Performing Arts
Myer Jeff 6031 Dean of Students
Myers Tami 6034 Finance
Nicoletti Craig 4102 Social Studies
Noll Linda 6094 Special Events Coordinator
Noronha-Hyde Nicole 4077 Fine Arts
Notestine Steve 4012 Language Arts
Nygaard Danielle 4023 Social Studies
O'Connell Chris 4039 Business
O'Connell Kristen 4041 Science
Ott Harold 4081 Mathematics
Pingel Scott 4065 Mathematics
Pittroff Jake 4075 Business
Platt Jim 4024 Social Studies
Poos Br. David 6022 Principal
Price Shelby 4078 Science
Pride Lisa 4050 Science
Purcell Chris 4007 Mathematics
Puzzella Ed 6111 Chief Financial Officer
Puzzella Matthew 4032 Religion
Quigley Gaylerd 4048 Mathematics
Rausch Bryan 4013 Mathematics
Roberts Anne 6068 Systems Engineer
Ryan Gary 4019 Language Arts
Ryan Melissa 6095 Admissions
Schneider Rochelle 4069 World Languages
Seder Alan 4001 Science
Seymour Tim 6078 Assistant Principal
Shiffert Al 4036 Social Studies
Shostrand Susan 6070 Learning Resource Center
Shupe Amy 4055 Mathematics
Sill Bernie 4017 Religion
Spradley Kristin 4018 Language Arts
Staub Randy 4049 Language Arts
Strathman Marc 4009 Fine and Performing Arts
Streb Rocky 6047 Athletic Director
Sullivan Kevin 4022 Social Studies
Tatum Justin 6066 Physical Education and Director of Diversity
Van Hee Cheryl 4010 World Language
Walsh Patrick 6097 Director of Communications
Wood Andrew 4040 Religion
Zipfel Glennon 4016 Business
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