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Junior Cadet Shadowing Program

The Junior Cadet Shadowing Program is a great way for a student to experience a day in the life of a CBC Cadet. Please know that our school will do everything to ensure that your son’s visit is a positive and meaningful experience. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.
What is the Junior Cadet Shadowing Program?
The Junior Cadet Shadowing Program gives current 8th grade students the opportunity to experience a day at CBC. This day can be instrumental in helping a young man determine which high school is right for him. As a Junior Cadet, he will be paired with one of our outstanding student ambassadors with similar interests. He will attend classes, meet teachers and students, and eat lunch with his ambassador. We truly believe this provides a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a student at CBC and allows Junior Cadets to witness the brotherhood and comraderie our students experience every day. 
Who can participate in the Junior Cadet Shadowing Program?
All 8th grade students (private or public schools) are encouraged to participate in the Fall. The program runs from mid-September through mid-November.
All 7th grade students may participate during the second semester between February and April. 
How many students can participate in the Junior Cadet Shadowing Program per day?
In order that each Junior Cadet can receive individual attention while minimizing the disruption to the academic day, we limit the number of students who are allowed to shadow to 10 each day.
How far in advance do I need to call to schedule my day in the Junior Cadet Shadowing Program?
We begin taking reservations on August 1st for the upcoming school year. While it is not necessary to schedule on that day, please be advised that the traditional “days off” fill up very quickly. We recommend that students interested in the program call at least one week in advance. To schedule your visit, please contact Melissa Ryan, Admissions Assistant, at or call (314) 985-6095
What does a Junior Cadet experience?
The Junior Cadet Shadowing Program is designed to give a student the most comprehensive CBC experience possible. While each day is a little different, in general, the Junior Cadet will be exposed to a day in the life of a CBC Cadet. Since our schedule is dynamic, when you reserve a day we will give you all the information about your visit.
How do I reserve my day in the Junior Cadet Shadowing Program?
Those interested in participating should contact Melissa Ryan Admissions Assistant, at or call (314) 985-6095.
What about lunch? Is it included or does the Junior Cadet need to bring a lunch?
If you participate in the Junior Cadet Shadowing Program you are a guest of CBC. Lunch is on us and you will dine on freshly prepared food made by the chefs at HMG Culinary. This is NOT your typical cafeteria cuisine!
What is the dress code for a Junior Cadet?
Because we would like to give the most comprehensive CBC experience, Junior Cadets are required to follow CBC’s dress code which consists of a collared shirt and dress pants, belt, tennis shoes, socks. Please no cargo pants or shorts.
Can my Ambassador be a CBC student that I already know?
If you know a current student, please let us know at the time you schedule your visit. In many cases, we can pair you with that CBC student as your Ambassador.
What if there is an emergency while my son is at CBC?
Junior Cadets must leave an emergency number with the main office where a parent or guardian can be reached. CBC does have a school nurse on staff to accommodate if immediate assistance is required or medical needs must be met.
New for This Year...VIP Official Shadow Days!
These days are typically offered on Friday's during September-October and reserved for groups of 5 or more. These days offer you an extended experience of CBC. After the regular shadow day ends, we will host you for fun activities such as a trip to Sky Zone, a behind the scenes tour of the Fox Theater, or go-kart racing at Pole Position. We conclude the day by returning back to campus where you and your family are invited to join us as our VIP guests at a CBC sporting event, band concert, or theater performance.
Don't miss out on a fun-filled day, so schedule now! Please see list of VIP Official Shadow Day dates below. If you have any additional questions or are interested in scheduling a VIP Shadow, please contact Melissa Ryan at or call (314) 985-6095.
Friday, September 15th: Varsity Football vs. DeSmet
Friday, September 29th: Varsity Football vs. Jeff City
Tuesday, October 10th: Varsity Soccer vs. Vianney
Thursday, October 12th: Varsity Soccer vs. DeSmet
Friday, October 13th: Varsity Football vs. Vianney
Tuesday, October 17th: Varsity Soccer vs. Fort Zumwalt West
Any other questions about the Junior Cadet Shadowing Program?
Please contact us:
Jim Brockman ’99
Director of Admissions
(314) 985-6067
Melissa Ryan
Admissions Assistant
(314) 985-6095
Drew Crump '11
Admissions Coordinator
(314) 985-6063