De La Salle statue

Big Difference Fund

Small sacrifices make a big difference.


That’s the idea behind the Big Difference Fund. We’re asking our community to reflect on where they can save a few dollars to support today’s Cadets. Over time, a small amount of money each week or every month will make a real impact on our ability to continue to live our Lasallian mission. Your commitment and support mean so much!



The diversity of talent, interests, and life experiences that exist on our campus is what makes CBC so special. We welcome young men from all backgrounds and everyone in our community gives of themselves to make a difference in the lives of our students. THANK YOU!

Your support of the Big Difference Fund will help us cover the cost of retreats, books and dances when a student is not able to afford that on his own. We work hard to ensure that every Cadet has a chance to receive a full high school experience. With your help, we will make that a reality.