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Freshman and Sophomore Service Program

Freshman and Sophomore Service 

At CBC, we believe it is crucial to introduce our students into a lifelong commitment to helping others. Therefore, we have a minimum service requirement for each year. Below you will find information related to freshman and sophomore student service requirements.

All freshman and sophomore students are enrolled in one religion class per semester. Freshmen and sophomores are required to do a minimum of 16 hours of Christian Service each year, completing at least 8 of those hours in the first academic semester. 

Failure to complete these hours will result in a grade of “F” in religion for the semester within which the student failed to complete his hours. Students are permitted to perform these hours in the summer prior to the academic year (provided that the previous academic year and all corresponding requirements have been completed.)  Service hours cannot be performed for a student’s parent/guardian performing regular household tasks (i.e. babysitting younger siblings, cleaning the house, etc.).  Hours may be performed with a parent/guardian if it is for a larger charitable organization/event.  Service hours cannot be performed with a for-profit business/organization  unless it is in connection with a larger charitable organization/event. 

Freshman and Sophomore Service forms
All student service must be documented using CBC service forms. For freshman and sophomores, the form to complete can be printed using the link found below named "Freshman and sophomore service hour form".
In the event that a freshman or sophomore is participating in CBC sponsored service and neither he nor his parents/guardians can provide transportation, we ask that he, along with his parents/guardians complete the "Transportation permission slip" which provides alternative ride options. He need only turn this form in one time per academic year and we will hold a copy of it for reference unless otherwise specified.