Christian Brothers College High School

Junior Service Program

Junior Service Program


CBC’s Vision Statement reads:  “Christian Brothers College High School will create positive change in our community and world through the lives of our graduates: young men who are guided by faith, strengthened by intellect, committed to justice, and prepared to lead and serve.”  In light of this, the administration of CBC has granted all juniors a privileged time in May to demonstrate their faith and commitment to justice through servant leadership by releasing them from academic work three weeks prior to the conclusion of the school year.  Please note, this does NOT mean that summer vacation simply starts three weeks earlier for juniors.  Rather, it is the expectation of the administration that all juniors complete their junior year experience in direct service of others during this three week period so that they will grow in their awareness of the needs of those they serve, and, hopefully, become more committed to the service of others as they become "Men for Tomorrow". This service experience is “kicked-off” with a prayer service on the first Friday of May to commission the junior class for service.  This prayer service is designed to promote the ideal of leadership that we envision for seniors at CBC - to be Servant Leaders. The experience concludes with a mandatory Service Reflection Retreat on the last Thursday in May


For more detailed information regarding the Junior Service Program, please review all documents included below.  Please note that: 1) the contract is due on the first of December each year; 2) the service must be through an approved agency; and 3) the service rendered must be in direct service of people in situations of poverty (economic, social, physical, or mental). This service can be completed locally or through a CBC sponsored mission trip.  

CBC Mission Trip Applications are due on November 1. The application can be found at the bottom of our "mission trips" page, or by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.


Junior Service Contract due December 1. 



A comprehensive list of service contract options is posted on the sidebar to the right and can be viewed by map or by category. Juniors are to call or email the agency(ies) with whom they wish to work and ask if their is space available during the time allotted. 

Documents needed for month of May

All of the information included above is necessary for proper planning of the service a junior will complete in the month of May. The following documents are essential to all juniors as they enter the period of time during which they are on site completing their service. 
Each junior is responsible for keeping track of his own hours in collaboration with his service supervisor. We have included the "CBC Service Hours Timesheet" for such a purpose. It is the responsibility of the junior to log his hours and get initials at the end of each work day to confirm the hours.
Each junior must have his service supervisor sign off on, and offer evaluation of his service upon completion. This is offered through the "Agency Evaluation" form which is to be given to the service supervisor on the last day of service with the top portion already completed by the student and his parent/guardian. The service supervisor then completes the remainder of the document and sends it directly to CBC. The student does not turn this document in.
Each junior must submit a Student Evaluation Form. This document is your opportunity to tell us about what you did and whether or not, in your opinion, we should send CBC students back there in the future.
Finally, on the last Thursday in May, all juniors are required to attend a half day service reflection period. Details on this event will be shared with students and parents/guardians through emails and a letter home at the appropriate time.