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Stronger Than Ever » Stronger Than Ever - Fully Accredited (for 90+ years)

Stronger Than Ever - Fully Accredited (for 90+ years)

(March 31, 2017)

Fully Accredited Since 1927

(We're saying this again because some people just won't listen)

Our Stronger Than Ever emails have been published once per month for nearly two full school years. Over that time we've had the chance to discuss so many different aspects of our community that demonstrate the strength of our school. We've also had the chance to debunk some of the myths and rumors that exist about CBC. Today's email falls into the myth buster category. 
Who out there has a neighbor, acquaintance, or (dare I say) family member who has said something to this affect:


"Hey, I heard CBC lost its accreditation. What's the deal with that?"


This absurd and grossly false rumor began around the same time that we built our new campus. We're not exactly sure where or why it was started, but we can only assume that a small group of people recognized the benefits our new campus would present. The best facilities and technology available would provide better opportunities for CBC students. Naturally, that presented a threat to other schools, so (we assume) someone decided to cook-up this rumor.   


Very mature.


CBC has been fully and continuously accredited through an organization called AdvancED since 1927. There's not much more to say.

Next week we will again welcome our friends from the AdvancED accreditation review team to CBC. The team will include an AdvancED team-leader along with a review board consisting of teachers and administrators from other schools accredited through the organization. (Most private, Catholic schools in St. Louis work with AdvancED.)


This regularly scheduled review occurs every five years. The last time they visited us, we received very high marks in all aspects of the review. In the past five years we have implemented a number of new initiatives and our students' achievements have been incredibly impressive in so many areas.


We can't wait to meet the review team and introduce them to our incredible community of students, faculty, staff, parents, and everyone else who is so important to our success.


We've attached the Executive Summary of our Self-Assessment that has already been delivered to our review team. Take a look. Share it with friends. And the next time that pompous guy down the street tells you he heard a rumor about CBC be sure to share the facts, and please let him know that CBC is STRONGER THAN EVER.