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Stronger Than Ever - Fine & Performing Arts

The Arts Deserve As Much Attention As Athletics 
Our sports teams are always featured in the Post-Dispatch. Our guys' success on the field warrants the attention, but student accomplishments in the classroom, in the community and in the performing arts are often even more impressive.
Thankfully, Judith Newmark of the Post-Dispatch saw this video on Facebook of senior Matthew Murray rehearsing for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and decided to pay us a visit. The result was a wonderful front page article on legendary theater director, Mr. Tom Murray. The article states:  
Under Murray, the theater program at CBC has developed a strong reputation...Recently in Los Angeles for a meeting, he (Murray) met with alumni there.
"We counted 85 (alumni) in Los Angeles who are working as actors or in a related field, and another dozen or so each in New York and Chicago," Murray said. Two popular St. Louis actors, Jim Butz and Luke Steingruby, are CBC alumni, too.
As the article says, Mr. Murray has been inspiring young people and changing lives here at CBC for 37 years, many of those with lighting and set designer Ed Goetz at his side. Mr. Goetz is a former Technical Director at Washington University in St. Louis and is well-known for his work at theaters across the country. Several other faculty members in the Fine & Performing Arts Department - many of them new to our campus - are also accomplishing big things.
Here are a few more examples of how our premier performers and artists are making CBC Stronger Than Ever.
Our Band Program brought home 13 top awards from the very competitive Nashville Heritage Music Festival last year. Matt Schulz, Andrew Vermiglio and Michael Young helped lead the way for the Cadets, and more awards are in the plans this year under new band leader Dale Sharkey. He brings a wealth of jazz, concert and marching band experience to our program. Charlie Mueller is another new face on campus and now leads our Vocal Program. Mr. Mueller has been the music director for Insight Theatre and the New Jewish Theatre, and was also an adjunct professor at Webster University. From Brothers in Harmony to guiding performers on stage, Mr. Mueller's experience is already helping our young men succeed. Don't miss the upcoming Christmas Concerts and the Club CBC performance in January!
Have you seen a recent Cadet Student Network broadcast? Students like Jon Rolfi, Charlie Heinze, Max Adamski, Scott Rice and many others are delivering awesome coverage of so many CBC events. New teacher Randy Gardner brings 20 years of broadcasting experience to help that club grow. CSN just celebrated its 100,000 viewer, a huge accomplishment in just two years. Check out a theater performance or a recent football game.
Meanwhile, up in our art studios Mrs. Maggie Kosciolek and Mrs. Nicole Noronha-Hyde are stirring the creativity of our students. Classes like Ceramics, Painting and Design are providing Cadets' opportunities to explore their passions. Those high school experiences can lead to very bright futures - check out another article from the Post-Dispatch featuring Steven and William Ladd, two CBC grads who have built careers in New York and have a new exhibition running at the St. Louis Art Museum. Read the article and watch the Fox 2 story here.  
Our teachers are accomplished and inspiring; and our students are gifted and committed. We are proud to celebrate their talents and are so happy to see them get the recognition they deserve!