Graduation Day

John Wirth Receives Archbishop John L. May Service Award

John Wirth with Service Award

Christian Brothers College High School is pleased to announce that John P. Wirth is a recipient of the 2023 Archbishop John L. May Service Award. John received this award for his devotion to serving God through many hours of volunteer service to others.

John discovered his passion for giving back during his junior service project, where he volunteered at his grade school parish, Sacred Heart Valley Park. John helped students study for tests and work on projects and assisted teachers with facilitating group projects. John served over double the required hours, spending more than 100 hours giving back. He continued to go above and beyond, assisting with many programs at Sacred Heart, including Father's Day Mass and breakfast.

"I can think of no better example of humility, work ethic, and Christian service than John," says Patrick Holley, Principal of Sacred Heart Catholic School Valley Park. "John always had a smile on his face and wanted to know if there was more he could do to help at the school. As an alumnus of CBC, nothing has made me more proud of my alma mater than knowing they are producing young men like John Wirth."

John was not only nominated for his commitment to service but for his leadership at CBC. He has been active with CBC's football program and a regular attendee at the school's Brothers in Prayer gathering. As an upperclassman, John has emerged as a leader for the group, regularly sharing his faith and leading discussions with other students. He is excited to lead two of the upcoming senior retreats.

When asked to reflect on his volunteering experience, John shared that the passion for giving back comes from the love others give you and the hard times you go through. He further explains that helping both Sacred Heart and CBC is really important to him because both schools have helped him get where he is today.

"John went into his junior service experience last May with an open mind and willingness to serve however he was needed, which led to a truly transformative experience," says Tom Eichwald, Director of Mission and Ministry at CBC High School. "He is an outstanding example of what it looks like to live the love of God and neighbor through his service work and for the sharing of a deep personal faith."

Archbishop Rozanksi celebrated Mass in honor of the service award recipients on the evening of March 6 at the Cathedral Basilica. John was presented his award during the celebration from the Archbishop with the assistance of Dr. Todd Sweda, Superintendent for Secondary Education for the Archdiocese.