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CBC Honors Program

The CBC Honors Program provides a rigorous program of study for students with the highest academic potential. The program is open by invitation only and is based on the student’s High School Placement Test score, other standardized test scores, grades, and teacher/principal recommendations.

The Honors Program consists of Honors and Advanced Placement level classes, as well as unique enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom. Students are exposed not only to a rigorous program of study, but also to diverse co-curricular activities and cultural enrichment experiences while engaging in self-directed and year-round learning. The culmination of the Honors Program experience is a Senior Project, which is completed by each participant in conjunction with a mentor of the student’s choice.


Program Objectives

  • Provide appropriately modified instruction that enables the student to develop his abilities and reach his full potential.
  • Assist the student in pursuing areas of interest through the curriculum, independent study, and enrichment experiences.
  • Encourage the student to become a self-directed, lifelong learner.
  • Help the student develop into an intellectually and creatively capable, productive and compassionate member of society, while experiencing a diverse educational experience that prepares him for the real world he will enter.


The Honors Program student is required to participate in co-curricular activities in at least two different areas. At least one of those activities must be at CBC. Those areas include:

  • Christian Service
  • Clubs
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Academics

Honors Algebra I or Honors Geometry
Honors Freshman Physics
Pre-A.P. English I
Pre-A.P. World History
Honors Geometry and/or Advanced Algebra II / Trig.
Honors Chemistry
Pre-A.P. English II
A.P. World History
Advanced Algebra II / Trig. or Math Analysis
A.P. Biology
A.P. English III
A.P. U. S. History or American Studies
Math Analysis, A.P. Calculus and/or A.P. Statistics
A.P. Physics, A.P. Chemistry, A.P. Physics II, and/or Honors Science Electives
A.P. English IV
A.P. American Government