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Gundaker Theater

The Gundaker Theater is named in memory of the late Mrs. Donna Gundaker, wife of CBC alumnus Gordon Gundaker ’53.
The theatre has seating for 358, and an 18-foot high by 48-foot wide proscenium with a 38 foot by 71 foot thrust stage. The front edge of the stage surface can be removed to increase exposure of the musicians in the orchestra pit. The theatre features a fly loft that is more than 60-foot high. Acoustical treatment includes absorptive wood panels, suspended reflector panels, and diffusion blocks.
Special acoustic design elements, coupled with the digital sound system, bring the stage to life. A catwalk system allows production assistants the ability to move about the facility during production.
STAGE: Proscenium opening: 47’7” wide X 18’0” high
Stage floor: 70’9” wide X 37’8” deep
Apron: 11’6” deep X R= 30’
Floor: Masonite covered sprung dance floor
Orchestra pit:
Under stage at apron
Seating capacity for approx 20
Pit is covered but has 2 way video link to stage
A truck height loading dock-serves shop and stage
A large loading door upstage center (shop to stage)
There are double doors upstage left and right
Crossover can occur through shop from upstage doors
Seating capacity 358 (87L 184C 87R)
Handicap accessible at the back of house
4 aisles entry at the rear of the house
Secure box office in Lobby
Dressing Rooms are immediately off stage right
Main rooms (2) hold 27 each
Principal rooms (2) hold 16 each (86 TOTAL)
Green Room very close to dressing rooms stage right
Clear com (Stage Manager) and show monitor to green room
80’ x 30’ floor
Directly behind stage
8’ x 12’ door to center of upstage
18’ x 35’ fixed paint frame
Air tools & all Power tools
Welding capability
55’ grid with double purchase counterweight system (SR)
39 line sets including…
4 Electrics
Act Curtain and Act teaser (Very Dark Red/Purple)
1 Rear projection CYC at line 39
1 Blackout/traveler
5 sets of legs and 2 borders
Clear Com connections to all points on & off stage
16 Wireless mikes
Assorted wired mikes-PZM’s –chorals-sm58’s
Mackie 32 channel Mixer
Sym-net digital patching
PC audio capable
Tape and CD playback
ETC express board with Emphasis system
DMX capable
196 dimmers including house and lobby
4 on stage electrics
2 FOH positions and house side catwalks all accessible
90 lighting units including Parnel, Ellipsoidals and Cyc lights.