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Religion Department

The CBC Religion Department serves a central and fundamental role in the educational mission of our school.

We strive to impart a thorough understanding of Catholic Christianity and acceptance of the commitments and duties of faithful Catholics. We personally seek to model a commitment to love these, our “younger brothers” and give them a sense of their own gifts and talents so that they, too, might be free to love others as their brothers and sisters.
We seek to educate our students to think reflectively about their experiences, beliefs and values and to understand these in relation to the experiences, beliefs and values of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. We encourage our students to make free, personal decisions regarding this religious tradition and the beliefs and values therein.
We feel deeply the call to prepare students for the struggles of life as they work to grow and develop in an ever changing and challenging world. Our ultimate focus is on facilitating the passage of each young man from a childhood faith to an adult faith that will enable him to enter into a full participation and commitment to his relationship with God.