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21st Century Education

CBC's state-of-the-art facility features campus-wide wireless internet that enables our students to thrive in a 1-to-1 digital learning environment through the use of laptops and other devices.
CBC’s technology-rich education environment includes:
  • Laptop computers for every student
  • An Innovation Commons for collaborative learning, student presentations, and distance learning opportunities to connect with industry experts from around the world
  • Use of the Blackboard learning management platform for course content delivery
  • A television and video production studio
  • A fully-staffed Information Technology department and laptop repair center available to students
  • An online broadcasting platform that delivers live coverage of various events on and off campus
  • Multimedia presentation tools in every classroom
  • Auto-tracking cameras -- autonomous 180-degree tracking, hi-definition picture with 20x zoom -- installed in the rear of each of our classrooms for use in situations when an online learning model is necessary
At CBC, our academic leaders and teachers value...
  • Differentiated learning activities designed as active, learner-centered experiences.
  • That learners receive regular, timely, and purposeful feedback (critique) that supports meaningful reflection and revision that leads to mastery.
  • Learning goals that lead to the transfer of key knowledge and skills to new situations with different contexts.
  • Learning experiences that are authentic – they offer relevant contexts.
  • Instructional design that fosters sustained inquiry and leverages learner curiosity.
  • A growth mindset that values risk-taking and perceives failure as a challenge that can be overcome with effort.
  • Experiences that empower all learners with voice and choice to pursue their passions and own their learning.
  • Learning goals that focus not only on content, but also on the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • Experiences that support the social and emotional development of all learners.
  • Learning experiences that cultivate a desire for life-long learning.