The CBC School Day

CBC's A/B Block schedule provides longer class periods and fewer classes on any particular school day. Our "Purple Day" consists of four 90-minute classes followed by three classes and an Advisory/Activity Period on our “Gold Day".

There are many advantages to this type of schedule, such as: 
  • A student sees fewer teachers in a given day, allowing him to concentrate more on those subjects and the related work

  • In the course of a 90-minute period, students can engage in more cooperative learning activities. The lessons become more project based, and students become active learners as opposed to passive note-takers (which is a reality of traditional 50-minute class periods)

  • Because CBC accepts all types of students, there is a need for a diverse learning environment. The block schedule allows a teacher to vary the type of instruction during a class period, thus engaging more effectively students with differing learning styles or learning disabilities

  • In the block, a 90-minute period allows for more individualized instruction and one-on-one time between the student and teacher

  • The “A/B Block” allows for the introduction of our Advisory and Activity Period Programs, which offer an opportunity for students to build friendships and have fun during throughout his high school experience