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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Christian Brothers College is a Catholic, Lasallian high school committed to the academic, spiritual and moral development of every young man. Our faith-filled and inclusive community prepares students from all backgrounds for success in college and for lives of leadership and service.

In the tradition of our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, our faculty and staff live our mission together in faith and with zeal, every day. Our passion for educating young men and our belief that a quality Catholic education will prepare our students to make a lasting impact on our world drives our mission forward.
CBC’s vision statement is predicated on the idea that our true value is exhibited through the lives of our graduates. We are committed to their intellectual preparation and spiritual formation and, in turn, we have high expectations for the impact they will make on others throughout their lives.

Vision Statement

Christian Brothers College High School will create positive change in our community and world through the lives of our graduates: young men who are guided by faith, strengthened by intellect, committed to justice, and prepared to lead and serve. 

Characteristics of a 'MAN FOR TOMORROW'

Our vision is achieved through the common characteristics we hope to instill in every CBC graduate. Our Lasallian community is committed to touching the hearts and minds of every student as, together, our students become Men for Tomorrow and Brothers for Life.

Characteristics of a ‘MAN FOR TOMORROW’

A graduate of Christian Brothers College High School is a man who is:


Guided by Faith

Recognizes the holy presence of God in all people

Views the world through the eyes of faith

Forgives with grace


Strengthened by Intellect

Seeks, accepts and solves intellectual challenges

Thinks critically and works collaboratively

Imagines, creates, and innovates in an ever-changing world


Committed to Justice

Celebrates diversity and fosters inclusivity

Advocates for social justice

Listens to, learns from, and respects all people


Prepared to Lead and Serve

Loves his family and builds life-long relationships

Knows his strengths and seeks to improve upon his weaknesses

Leads with integrity and serves with humility