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In the spring of 2022, CBC completed a successful accreditation review through Cognia, an international organization that has been supporting academic institutions by offering accreditation and certification services since 1895. Cognia’s goal is to impact and inspire education providers to advance and enable pathways of success for all learners. The organization is responsible for reviewing and accrediting many of the private and independent schools in the St. Louis region, as well as schools across the country and around the world.
CBC has been continually accredited since 1927, and our school has regularly received high scores from the educational leaders sent to evaluate us. However, this most recent review warrants special attention and celebration from all in our community, as CBC received a composite score of 386 points out of a possible 400. This is one of the highest scores ever delivered by the Cognia review team. 
As a result, our school was named a Cognia School of Distinction, an honor only given to 96 schools in the Cognia global network.
The accreditation review process is significant and includes a thorough review of thirty standards that are evaluated on a 4-level scale that ranges from Insufficient (lowest) to Impacting (highest).CBC received the highest score of Impacting on 29 of the 30 standards that were reviewed. 
While few schools share their final score or engagement review report, we are proud to share our results with the CBC community, and anyone interested in learning more about our school. As you review, please feel free to connect with us to learn more about the people and programs discussed throughout the report.