Mission Trips

Although most juniors will complete their service locally in St. Louis, we also provide Mission/immersion trip opportunities for juniors who would like to stretch a little further beyond their comfort zone in the month of May. All of the CBC Mission/Immersion Trips are coordinated and chaperoned by current members of the CBC faculty and/or staff. In addition to any service work, a MAJOR component of our Mission/Immersion trips is to "immerse" yourself into the culture and circumstances of the people you are serving. This should not be seen as a vacation, and you are not staying at a full service resort. These trips are a great opportunity to LIVE SIMPLY so that others may SIMPLY LIVE and to recognize the gifts available to us daily while also challenging ourselves to see where and how we could live differently when we return home.

To apply for a mission trip, an interested junior should complete this form no later than December 1, 2021.



Joppa Mountain, TN


Nicaragua - Amigos for Christ