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We hope you find our website useful as you make your way through CBC. As always, we look forward to assisting you in any way possible.

The CBC Counseling Staff is committed to supporting each student in his educational, social, and personal growth. We encourage and support students to make wise decisions. We aid students as they gain self-knowledge and self-acceptance while guiding them as they take ownership of their future and ultimate success.

How We Serve Our Students

School Counseling Curriculum: CBC Counselors routinely visit your students' advisory rooms in a program we like to call "Counselors in Advisories."  Our message is organized around the following three strands: Personal and Social Development, Academic Development, and Career Development.
Individual Student Planning: CBC Counselors meet individually with students to help them plan for success in high school and beyond. Content includes graduation requirements, 4-year academic plans, career assessments, college, and other post-secondary options.
Responsive Services: CBC Counselors work with students whose personal circumstances, concerns, or problems impact healthy academic, career, and personal/social development. Responsive services are implemented through the following: individual counseling, small-group counseling, consultation, and referral.

System Support: CBC Counselors serve as a resource to the entire school community. We consult with parents, teachers, and school administrators.