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The Brothers of the Christian Schools

Christian Brothers College High School is administered by the Midwest District of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, part of the international Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The De La Salle Christian Brothers have been serving youth through the ministry of education since 1680.
The Midwest District is one of three districts within the US/Toronto Region, with its provincial headquarters in Burr Ridge, IL. The Midwest District sponsors three universities, seventeen high schools including CBC High School, several middle schools, retreat centers and a variety of other educational ministries in the Midwest District.

A Brother is a man who has answered God's call and has given himself completely to Our Lord by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. He has decided to make that commitment in order to put all his powers at the educational service of children and young people. That is why he is called a "religious educator."
To understand the vocation of the Christian Brother one must initially gain knowledge of the way of life of a Brother and the spirit, charism, and mission of the Institute. This experience fosters love for God, the Brothers, and others. This in turn may lead to the desire for commitment, action, and service as a Brother expressed through ministry.
To learn more about the Christian Brothers’ vocation, visit the District website at: www.cbmidwest.org