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Lasallian Awards

Distinguished Lasallian Educator of the Year

As a Lasallian school located within the Lasallian Educational Region of North America, all CBC faculty are eligible to be named the Distinguished Lasallian Educator of the Year. This teacher is honored before the CBC community at our annual Founder's Mass. He or she then travels to a regional gathering the following fall where nominees from across North America are honored, and he or she is eligible for a regional award by the same name. As the title suggests, this is a very "distinguished" award.
Past CBC honorees are listed below:
  • Mr. Paul Kraus (1993 honoree)
  • Dr. James Dohle
  • Mrs. Tracy Gillilan
  • Mr. Jerry Heet (2014 honoree)
  • Mr. Charles Beach (2015 honoree)
  • Mr. Joseph Henken (2016 honoree)
  • Mrs. Amy Shupe (2017 honoree)
  • Mr. Gary Ryan (2018 honoree)
  • Mrs. Rochelle Schneider (2019 honoree)
  • Mr. Edward Hamer (2020 honoree)
  • Mr. Craig Nicoletti '03 (2021 honoree)
  • Mr. Phillip Stapleton (2022 honoree)

St. Benildé, FSC Award

Brother Benildé, FSC was a De La Salle Christian Brother from 19th century France. He was declared a Saint of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius XII in October, 1967. When Pope Pius declared Brother Benildé a saint, he said of Benildé that he attained his sainthood by enduring "the terrible daily grind" with poise and grace and by "doing the common things uncommonly well." In the spirit of this tribute, CBC honors a member of the faculty or staff each year whose work is not necessarily in the spotlight, but who, nonetheless, is absolutely essential to the success of this school. This award was instituted in the 2013-2014 school year and, like the Distinguished Lasallian Educator award, is presented at our annual Founder's Day Mass. The list of all recipients is below:
  • Mrs. Chris Mazdra (2014 honoree)
  • Mr. Mike Bartoni (2015 co-honoree)
  • Mr. Bryan Rausch (2015 co-honoree)
  • Mr. James Mueller (2016 honoree)
  • Mrs. Liz Kosciolek (2017 co-honoree)
  • Mr. Randy Staub (2017 co-honoree)
  • Mrs. Tracy Gillilan (2018 honoree)
  • Mrs. Melissa Ryan (2019 honoree)
  • Mr. Alexander Weaver (2020 honoree)
  • Mrs. Dana Merris (2021 honoree)
  • Mr. Edward Puzzella (2022 honoree)

Brother James Miller, FSC Social Justice Award

Brother James Miller, FSC was a De La Salle Christian Brother from Stevens Point Wisconsin. He was famously quoted saying, "I continue to feel a strong commitment to the suffering poor," and he lived this commitment through various international assignments. Most notably, he worked extensively in Central America where he dedicated himself to providing job and leadership skills to local children in an effort to help ease the oppressive suffering to which they were subject. Because of the tense and divisive nature of this work in the time and place where Brother James taught, he was assassinated while painting a school building in Guatemala in 1982. In the spirit of his "commitment to the suffering poor," CBC honors a member of the senior class each year who has demonstrated a commitment in his own way, to the suffering poor here in St. Louis, or elsewhere. This award was instituted in the 2013-2014 school year and, like the two awards above, is presented at our annual Founder's Day Mass.
This list of recipients is below:
  • Jacob Torres (2014 honoree)
  • Devin Cargill (2015 honoree)
  • Franko Dokaj (2016 co-honoree)
  • Joseph Dokaj (2016 co-honoree)
  • Andrew Mallon (2017 honoree)
  • Joseph Angelbeck (2018 honoree)
  • Elijah Robinson (2019 honoree)
  • Albro Clark Tobey III - Serving Servicemen (2020 co-honoree)
  • Alexander Blakeney Williams - Serving Servicemen (2020 co-honoree)
  • Christian Josiah Majors (2021 honoree)
  • Evan Fitzpatrick (2022 honoree)