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Scholarship Giving

Financial Aid & Academic Scholarships

Our faculty and staff are passionate about delivering a premier, college preparatory education to young men from all backgrounds. Our Lasallian mission calls us to help make a CBC education possible to families who are not able to afford full tuition. Thanks to your support, we are able to provide tuition assistance to more than 35% of our students and families. 
Thank you for making a CBC education available to so many young men! 

Click HERE to show your commitment to CBC by contributing to a scholarship. 

Named Scholarships
Martie J. “Jay” Aboussie, Jr. ’01 Memorial Scholarship
Barry Adelstein Scott Gundolf Scholarship
William J. Almon, AFSC ’50 Family Scholarship
Ray Bahr Scholarship
Daniel R. Baldwin ’11 Scholarship
Michael J. Baldwin ’13 Scholarship
The Ballweg Scholarship
Janet Bannes Memorial Scholarship
Barrett Memorial Scholarship
The Mr. Kenneth L. Below ’73 Memorial Scholarship
Black Alumni Society Scholarship Fund
Bommarito - GFI Digital Alumni Open Scholarship
Tom Bowers ’65 Family Scholarship
Bob Burnes, AFSC ’31 Memorial Scholarship
Cadet Colonels Scholarship
Harry ’42 and Wilma Cantwell, AFSC Memorial Scholarship
Timothy W. Casper, Jr. ’84 Memorial Scholarship
CBC Alumni Association Scholarship
CBC De La Salle Scholarship
Christian Brothers Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Sam and Christine Cigno Scholarship
Class of 1946 Scholarship
Class of 1948 Scholarship
Class of 1949 Scholarship
Class of 1950 Scholarship
Class of 1951 Scholarship
Class of 1952 Scholarship
Class of 1954 Scholarship
Class of 1957 Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Scholarship
Class of 1960 Scholarship
Class of 1961 Scholarship
Class of 1962 Scholarship
Class of 1964 Scholarship
Class of 1965 Scholarship
Class of 1968 Scholarship
Class of 1969 Scholarship
Class of 1971 Scholarship
Class of 1973 Scholarship
Class of 1974 Scholarship
Class of 1977 Scholarship
Class of 1981 Scholarship
Class of 1983 Scholarship
Class of 1984 Scholarship
Class of 1985 Scholarship
Class of 2015 Scholarship
Class of 2016 Scholarship
Matteo ’59 and Kathleen Coco Scholarship
Robert L. Collins, Jr. ’50 Memorial Scholarship
Gus ’38 and June Cramer Memorial Scholarship
Br. Aloysius Dolan Memorial Scholarship
Mark Dulle ’89 Memorial Scholarship
Kevin J. Eagan ’13 Memorial Scholarship
Wayne “E” Elwart Memorial Scholarship
Michael and Agnes England Memorial Scholarship
Nicholas R. Eschbacher ’08 Scholarship
Joseph S. Faszl ’ 48 Memorial Scholarship
Walter J. and Catherine A. Flachs Scholarship for Public Service
Gene Eschbacher ’48 Family Scholarship
Faculty, Arts, Education and Technology Scholarship
Ray Fagin ’31 Memorial Scholarship
John A. Findley Memorial Scholarship
Michael C. Forrest ’51 Scholarship
John ’31 and Thomas ’76 Gertken Memorial Scholarship
David M. Giesler ’61 Memorial Scholarhip
Albert J. Giovannini ’46 Memorial Scholarship
Bryan Hagerty Scholarship
Brian Houghton Memorial Scholarship
Br. Lawrence Humphrey Scholarship
Jack Kersting Memorial Scholarship
Gene O. Jadwin ’48 Memorial Scholarship
Harry ’73 and Karen Johnson Scholarship Fund
Br. Michael Jordan Scholarship
Jim ’55 AFSC and Virginia Jost Scholarship
Richard T. Judd ’92 Memorial Scholarship
William S. Kallaos ’66 Family Foundation Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Earle J. Kennedy, Jr. ’47 Memorial Scholarship
John P. King, AFSC ’54 Family Scholarship
The John G. and Clara F. Kiske Family Scholarship
Coach William Klemm Memorial Scholarship
Mary Klos Memorial Scholarship
Leo Landgraf, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Fran Martin ’58 Memorial Scholarship
Br. Daniel McEnery Memorial Scholarship
James Mullally III ’74 Memorial Scholarship
John “Babe” Murphy, Sr. ’41 Memorial Scholarship
Tom Murray – Cerre Players Scholarship
The Palmer and Ockuly Family Scholarship
Charles Pons ’45 Memorial Scholarship
Richter Family Scholarship
Patrick Roberts ’02 Memorial Scholarship
William Francis Ross, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
W. Michael Ross ’66 Memorial Scholarship
The Fred Saigh Foundation Scholarship
Saint Joseph Scholarship
San Miguel Scholarship
Schellhardt Memorial Scholarship
Br. Scubilion Scholarship for Minority Students
Mike Shannon, AFSC ’57 Scholarship
J. Matt Sheehan ’75 Scholarship Fund
Suntrup Family Memorial Scholarship
Mark L. Taylor ’08 Memorial Scholarship
Eugene J. Tichacek Family Scholarship
Gerald J. Toczylowski ’65 Memorial Scholarship
Terry Tumbrink ’68 Memorial Scholarship
Br. K. Wilfrid Weil ’33 Memorial Scholarship

Would you like to start your own family scholarship?
Contact our Advancement Office at (314) 985-6029 to discuss how to get started.
* In order to maintain a full-tuition scholarship, the principal amount must increase each year in order to meet tuition increases. Principal times 5% is the interest factor used.