Graduation Day

Signum Fidei Society


The Signum Fidei Society recognizes people who ensure the future strength of the school by including CBC as a direct beneficiary in an estate plan that includes: Bequests, Life Insurance Policies, Charitable Gift Annuities, Life Income Trusts, and Irrevocable Trusts.


Anonymous (5)

Mr. Barry Adelstein '59 and Mr. Scott Gundolf

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Arendes '54

Mr. Dick Arnoldy '65 and Mrs. Nancy Arnoldy

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Bahr

Mr. and Mrs. Lorry T. Bannes, PE AFSC '53

Mr. Donald J. Bellon '66

Ms. Sharon Bertram

Mr. John J. Bommarito, AFSC '83

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Bouckaert '52

The Late Mr. Philip E. Bouckaert '57 and Mrs. Kathleen Bouckaert

The Late Mrs. Philomena J. Bouckaert

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brown '58

The Late John S. Cernik '57

The Late Mr. Bernhardt W. Collins '50 and Mrs. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Courtney '57

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Cuquet '67

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Daniels '63

Mr. and Mrs. William Devers

Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Dobrynski '97

The Late Mr. Thomas P. Dunne, Sr. PE '61

The Estate of the Late Dr. John C. Eckert, Sr. DVM '55

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Edwards

Mr. Thomas P. Erickson '73

Mr. Eugene Eschbacher AFSC ’48

Mr. Donald Falk '64

Mr. Robert Falk '60

The Late Mr. Joseph F. Fendler '63

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Finn '51

Mr. Donald R. Fix '48

Mr. Patrick M. Flachs ‘68 and Mrs. Lorraine P. Flachs

Mr. and Mrs.  William L. Floodman '68

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wayne Foster '64

Mr. Daniel P. Gaffney '67

Mr. Anthony S. Genazzi '02

Mr. John Gerst '65

The Late Mr. Albert J. Giovannini '46

The Late Mr. Donald Grant '50 & Mrs. Marlene Grant

The Late Mr. and Mrs. John Gumersell

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Gunn '79

The Late Mr. Edgar C. Hartnett '45

Mr. Michael Heck

Mr. Michael J. Hejna

The Late Mr.  James F. Hilbert '53 and Mrs. Hilbert

Mr. E. Michael Houlihan '67

Br. Lawrence Humphrey, FSC

The Late Mr.  Gene O. Jadwin '48 and Mrs. Gene Jadwin

The Late Mr. Michael Jersa '57

Mr. Michael Jordan, AFSC

Mr. John (Jack) Julius '64 and Mrs. Patty Julius

Mr. and Mrs. Everett J. Kalkbrenner

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Karabas '90

Mr. Joseph J. Kelley '60

The Late Mr. Earle J. Kennedy, Jr. '47

Mr. Timothy L. Kilo '77

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry King

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome T. Kiske, Sr. '73

Mr. Thomas S. Knoll '57

The Late Mr. and Mrs. Webster Lacey, Jr. '49

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lassa '55

Mr. Chistopher Liese '81 and Mrs. Anna Liese

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Lischwe, MD '69

Mr. Arthur E. Lottes, III

The Late Mr. Thomas Lowther '54

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Luechtefeld '69

Mr. J. Daniel Maguire '62

Dr. Thomas E. McDonnell '57

The Late Mr. James McLaughlin '36

Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur McManus '60

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Mehan '70

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Jules F. Miller, USAFR '68

The Late Mr. Raymond F. Mohrman '43 and Mrs. Raymond F. Mohrman 

Mr. Charles Monfort, PhD '58

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Montgomery, Jr. '77

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Morrow '63

The Late Mr. John P. Murphy '47 and Mrs. Murphy

Mr. Frank L. Nowicke, III '10

Mr. James Olshefski '72 and Mary Rigby Olshefski

The Late Mr. Thomas J. O'Toole, Sr. '44 and Mrs. Ann O'Toole

The Late William P. O'Toole '44

Mr. and Mrs. L. Kenneth Perry, Jr. '58

Mrs. Charles A. Pons

The Late Mr. Joseph V. Ragni, '52

The Late Monsignor Edward W. Reilly, AFSC PhD '45

The Late Mr. Michael Richter and Mrs. Barbara Richter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ross, AFSC '59

The Late G. Harig Ruenzi, Jr. '47

The Late Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Sackbauer '42

Mr. Robert Sametz '54

The Late Mr. William J. Schattgen '42 and Mrs. Schattgen

The Late Mr. Robert E. Schoor '49 and Mrs. Schoor

The Late Mr. John O. Shields '44

The The Late Mr. Charles Siebert '60 and Mrs. Siebert

The Late Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smythe '58

The Late Mr. Charles B. Stefanoni '42

Mr. Derek Stephens '98

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Temme '60

Mr. G. Nicholas Textor '67

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thomason '66

Mr. Matthew S. Toczylowski '63

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Vogelsang '58

The Late Mr. Walter E. Von Steiger '26 and Mrs. Von Steiger

The Late Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Wachowiak  '34

Mr. Don J. Wall '54

Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Walsh '73

The Late Reverend Richard Weidert '50

Mr. Kevin L. Whalen '75

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Wright '94

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wright '61