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A+ Schools Program

The A+ Schools Program was originally implemented as a school improvement initiative established by the Outstanding Schools Act of 1993. In the summer of 2016, the Missouri General Assembly passed Missouri Senate Bill 638, which allows for private secondary institutions to apply for the A+ School designation. During the summer of 2018, Christian Brothers College High School received designation as an A+ Program School.  As a result, our students have the opportunity to take advantage of the financial incentives available through the A+ Program.

Qualifying CBC graduates will be eligible for tuition to attend any Missouri public community college or public vocational or technical school under the following guidelines:

  • Tuition incentives will be made available only after the student has made a good-faith effort to secure all available federal post-secondary student financial assistance (FAFSA) funds that do not require repayment.
  • Students will receive this tuition incentive for four (4) semesters.
  • A student must be considered a full-time student by the post-secondary institution and maintain a GPA of 2.500 or higher on a 4.000 scale (unweighted).
  • Students must complete the two years of full-time enrollment at the institution within forty-eight (48) months after graduation from Christian Brothers College High School.

Tuition reimbursement is contingent upon the availability of state funds. 

Additionally, some four-year colleges and universities in Missouri offer their own A+ scholarships.  These scholarships are determined by the colleges and universities themselves and may or may not be offered at any time.  Check with the financial aid office at a four-year college to inquire about any incentives for A+ students.


To be eligible for the A+ Schools Program's financial incentives, Christian Brothers College High School must certify a student as having met all A+ Program requirements. The A+ Program Coordinator has the responsibility to certify that a graduate of Christian Brothers College High School has met the certification criteria.

Provided that the state legislature appropriates funds, any remaining tuition, and general fees may be paid for eligible graduates after federal post-secondary financial assistance funds have been applied (as determined by completing and filing a FAFSA). To be eligible and certified for the A+ Schools program, graduates must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Attend a designated A+ High School for three (3) consecutive school years.
  2. Attain a cumulative high school grade point average of 2.500 or higher on a 4.000 scale. (unweighted)
  3. Maintain a ninety-five percent (95%) high school attendance record during the four-year period.
  4. Tutor or mentor peers or younger students for at least fifty (50) unpaid hours under approved adult supervision at an approved school or facility. This should occur during out-of-school time unless such tutoring / mentoring occurs as part of a CBC program during the school day.
  5. Establish and maintain a record of good citizenship. Placement of a student on Full or Limited Disciplinary Probation or Academic Integrity Probation (as defined in the Student & Parent/Guardian Handbook) at any time during a student’s enrollment at CBC would constitute a violation of this requirement.
  6. Be alcohol and drug-free. Any violation of the Co-Curricular Code of Conduct policy outlined in the Student & Parent/Guardian Handbook (described as an “offense”) during a student’s enrollment at CBC would constitute a violation of this requirement.
  7. Meet the following Mathematics requirement: Attain a 17 or higher score on the Mathematics sub-section of the ACT.
  8. Make a good faith effort to secure financial assistance funding by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students must sign up for the A+ Schools Program no later than September 30 of their senior year.

Mr. Scott Gillespie - School Counselor and A+ Coordinator
Mr. Andrew Warner - School Counselor and A+ Coordinator

Click the links below to view and download the A+ Schools Program Handbook and related forms.