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Art Studios

At CBC we work to enhance the lives of our students through creativity. Students receive both group and one-on-one instruction from our experienced art teachers in a variety of courses. We offer Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, and Digital Media classes. Digital Media students create graphic design projects using current Adobe programs used in the career field. Photography students shoot with DSLRs based on both the history of photography and current professionals in multiple aspects of the field. Sculpture students design and build artworks using multiple medias from fabrics to woods to even food. Drawing and Painting students create with traditional materials like watercolor, charcoal, and pastels.
Our studios are designed to offer students spacious area to explore their creativity though art. In the Ceramics room, students learn basic techniques including how to throw clay on one of our ten wheels. In the Painting/Drawing room, there are spaces to create an individualized still life using the natural light from the room’s skylights. Then when the studio just isn’t quite the right fit for the artistic vision, classes are held around campus to give the real life experience that is sometimes required for inspiration.
We have two Art Studios that are state of the art and equipped with everything our students needs to be successful artists. Each studio has 10 workbenches, space for all students to have their own individual project storage, and three sinks for easy clean-up. The Ceramics Studio has two top-loading Skutt touchscreen Kilns, 10 pottery wheels, a slab roller, clay extruder, wedging table and glazing station. Both studios have great natural light that is optimal for artists.