Four CBC Students Selected for the High School Invitational Exhibition

We are thrilled to announce that four talented CBC students have been chosen to represent our school at the prestigious High School Invitational Exhibition hosted at the Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery. This year's theme, "Lay of the Land: Landscape Visions," promises a captivating exploration of artistic interpretations of the natural world.

Join us in celebrating Nicholas Davisson ('24) in Digital Art, Harper Ackermann ('25) in Photography, Leo Berding ('25) in Drawing, and Wesley Sadicario ('26) in Painting as they showcase their remarkable talents alongside peers from across the region.

The exhibition will run from February 29th to March 28th at the Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery. Let's show our support for these outstanding young artists and revel in their creative achievements!

invitation invitation two

 painting Wesley Sadicario '26 - Painting

drawing Leo Berding '25 - Drawing

photography Harper Ackerman '25 - Photography

digital art Nicholas Davisson '24 - Digital Art