Summer Academy 2024

This summer, CBC High School hosted its annual Summer Academy for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, offering an array of engaging activities and interactive learning experiences. The program was a huge success, bringing together students from various backgrounds to explore new interests, develop skills, and form lasting friendships.

STEM: In the Science and STEM sessions, students delved into hands-on experiments and projects that sparked their curiosity and creativity. From building rockets to exploring chemical reactions, the budding scientists and engineers had a blast uncovering the mysteries of the natural world.

Outdoor and Adventure: The Outdoor and Adventure program was filled with excitement and teamwork. Students participated in hiking, zip lining, fishing, and survival skills training, all while learning the importance of cooperation and leadership. These activities not only promoted physical fitness but also instilled a sense of adventure and respect for nature.

Sports and Intramurals: The sports sessions including soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, wrestling and intramurals were a hit among students. They honed their athletic skills, learned the value of teamwork and enjoyed friendly competition. Coaches emphasized sportsmanship and discipline, ensuring that everyone had fun while improving their abilities on and off the field. 

Cooking for Dudes: In the Cooking for Dudes class, young chefs got hands-on experience in the kitchen, learning how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. They mastered basic cooking techniques and experimented with different recipes, all while gaining confidence in their culinary skills.

Robotics: Robotics was another highlight of the Summer Academy. Students worked with cutting-edge technology, designing and building their own robots. They learned about programming and problem-solving, as well as creativity and critical thinking.

Art: The art sessions provided a creative outlet for students to express themselves. They experimented with various mediums, from painting and drawing and mixed media. The budding artists developed their skills and found joy in creating unique pieces that reflected their individual styles culminating in an art exhibit at the end of the week.

Esports: Esports attracted a lot of enthusiastic gamers who learned about strategy, teamwork, and the dynamics of competitive gaming. They participated in friendly competition and developed skills that go beyond the screen, including communication and quick thinking.

Beyond the structured activities, the Summer Academy offered a sense of camaraderie among the students. They enjoyed social events, team-building exercises, and free time to connect with peers. The friendships formed and the memories made were a testament to the program's success in creating a positive and inclusive environment. The CBC High School Summer Academy was a memorable experience for all participants, providing a perfect blend of fun, learning, and friendship. We look forward to welcoming even more students next summer for another round of exciting adventures and discoveries.