Christian Brothers College High School

Online Pre-Registration

CBC's online pre-registration site can be found at
Students will pre-register online, according to the timeline outlined below.
January 20 - February 5: Guidance Counselors will explain the pre-registration and course selection process to students in their Advisories based on the following schedule:
  Junior Advisory Visits   January 20 & January 22  
  Sophomore Advisory Visits   January 27 & January 29  
  Freshman Advisory Visits   February 3 & February 5  
February 8: Deadline for students to submit their course selection requests online
February 8 - February 26: Teachers and Department Chairpersons will complete course placement/approval decisions
February 29 - March 11: Guidance Counselors will review and approve course selection requests
March 11: Course selection requests will be mailed home for parent/guardian review
March 18: Pre-registration process will be complete