Christian Brothers College High School

How to Watch the Football State Championship

Click the link below to register and watch on MSHSAA.TV and the NFHS Network. This is a pay-per-view broadcast. The students who lead the Cadet Student Network will be on-site to film highlights we will deliver after the game. 
As you prepare to watch, please be aware that the NFHS Network cannot support streaming directly through Smart TVs at this time. They offer the following recommendations if you would like to watch on your TV:
  • To view a game on your TV you can plug an HDMI cable directly from your computer or laptop to mirror or extend its display on your TV.
  • If you have a Chromecast you can cast a Google Chrome tab from your computer to your TV.
  • If you have an Apple TV you can select Screen Mirroring from your iPhone or iPad while in the Live App or mobile site to mirror your screen through the Apple TV. You can also try downloading our Apple TV app if you have a 4th Generation Apple TV.