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Strategic Plan » VISION 175


The first meeting of CBC's strategic planning process was held in January of 2018. That conversation began to lay the ground work for a full committee retreat in September of that year, and countless hours of sub-committee work that have followed. The focus of our discussions was the future of our great school and over time we discussed goals to strive toward as we approach CBC’s 175th birthday in the year 2025. Hence the name VISION 175.
Our Guiding Principles and Strategic Initiatives are outlined on this page, and we encourage you to review the full plan at the link immediately below. Thank you for your interest in the future of CBC High School!
Guiding Principles
I. Answer De La Salle’s call to inspire and serve all students.
II. Support and celebrate our community of Lasallian educators.
III. Carry forward our legacy of innovation as we develop the next generation of Men for Tomorrow.

Strategic Initiatives
Guided by Faith
Faith and Culture
CBC’s Catholic identity is at the core of everything we do. Through a review of our retreat, service, and faith formation programs we will continue our work to strengthen the spiritual life of every student as, together, they build a brotherhood that will last throughout their lives.
Next Generation Lasallians
Our students, faculty, and staff bring our Lasallian mission to life. We will expand opportunities for Lasallian formation for faculty and implement a student-focused Lasallian leadership program to develop peer ministers.
Mission Focused
Our faculty’s work to meet and challenge all students connects us to the work of our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. Moving forward, our Lasallian formation program will be intentional about connecting the tireless work of our educators, through our many student support programs, to the work of our founder.
Strengthened by Intellect
Programs that Prepare and Inspire
The introduction of the Dunne Family Innovation Commons delivered 8,000 square-feet of opportunity for 21st century learning and exploration. We will continue to invest in the formal programs housed there, while also encouraging expanded use of the space and its resources across all academic programs.
Classrooms of Tomorrow
The creation and delivery of transformative learning experiences is supported by first-class physical and technological infrastructure. CBC will review and make strategic investments in our campus as well as the digital information systems, learning platforms, and communication tools used to connect with and inspire our students.
Curriculum of Tomorrow
Through collaboration, professional development, exploration, and innovation, our faculty will continue to develop dynamic and meaningful learning opportunities. A focus will be placed on delivering authentic experiences that transcend the bounds of individual academic departments as we prepare young men for the future.
Committed to Justice
Transformative Service Experiences
Continue to expand our network of service opportunities to offer experiences that open the hearts and minds of our students to the realities faced by vulnerable members of society. Through person-to-person service, students will develop empathy and compassion as they come to recognize the holy presence of God in all people.
Diverse, Supported, and Celebrated
Students are best served by a faculty possessing a wide range of life experiences and with a commitment to life-long learning. We will enhance the diversity of our faculty while also defining and celebrating Lasallian professional growth accomplishments. A focus will be placed on providing dedicated time for faculty collaboration within the school day to support personal and professional growth.
Outreach, Equity, and Service to All
Our mission guides our efforts to implement best-in-industry practices that serve students and families with financial needs, learning needs, as well as social and emotional needs. Our continued commitment will include a review to ensure equity grading practices and the implementation of restorative justice strategies.
Prepared to Lead and Serve
Organizational Alignment
Our annual planning process will align fundraising and budget priorities with growth areas detailed in this plan, as well as identified infrastructure needs that will best serve our students and provide long-term viability.
Dynamic Faculty and Next Generation Programs
An inclusive student body demands a diverse set of co-curricular opportunities and a well-resourced faculty. We will work with our educators to develop a multi-year staffing strategy that supports this plan while also strategically investing in the next phase of student programs that connect, educate, inspire, and motivate our young men.
A Changing World
Our students will go forth to pursue their passions and make a difference in a constantly evolving world. Their success requires an ability to think critically and work collaboratively as they create and innovate. CBC will look beyond traditional assessments to enhance the focus placed on the development of the skills necessary for 21st century success.