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Meet the Admissions Team

Jim Brockman '99
Assistant Principal
Director of Admissions
Jim is a CBC graduate from the class of 1999 and he works closely with prospective students and their families throughout the admissions process to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition from grade school into the CBC community.


In his own words...

WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE CBC: As a graduate, I was thoroughly prepared for all aspects of college and my life after college.  CBC offers the “total experience,” preparing our young men for their tomorrow. 


Spiritually, our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping every student realize the maximum potential of his God-given talents and abilities. Through service, retreats and opportunities to grow alongside your brothers, a CBC education will help you develop into a man who is committed to justice and closer to God.


Academically, we will challenge you at your level.  CBC customizes its academic program to meet the needs of each individual student. 


Socially, CBC offers a real world experience.   We draw students from across the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Our students come from more than 100 different parishes and public schools. 


Athletically, CBC has a rich tradition of excellence, winning State Championships in multiple sports over 165+ years in St. Louis.  CBC offers two freshman teams in Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball, thus doubling the number of students who have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletic competition.  We also offer “no cut” sports like Football, Swimming, Cross Country, Wrestling, Track and Field, Ultimate Frisbee, Bowling, and Lacrosse to ensure that everyone has a chance to be part of a team. 


Extracurricular Activities are a highlight of the experience at CBC.  Our theater program is on par with most college programs, while our band program performs about 12 concerts per year, and has over 200 students who participate.  Regardless of your talents or interests, CBC has something for you.



Melissa Ryan

Admissions Coordinator


Hello, my name is Melissa Ryan. I am the Admissions Assistant here at CBC. I support the Admissions Team, and my goal is to make sure that no details slip through the cracks. I realize prospective students and their parents have many questions regarding the Admissions process. I want to make certain that all of your questions about CBC are answered thoroughly. Call me to ask questions, arrange a tour, or to schedule your Official Visit.


WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE CBC: At work and at home, I am surrounded by the positive influence of a CBC education every day. My husband is a graduate of the Class of 1984, and credits CBC for much of his success and lifelong friendships. He has fond memories of his teachers, coaches, classmates, and his overall high school experience. My three sons have enjoyed hearing about CBC through the years, and were anxious to attend. Two of our boys have graduated, gone to college, and have their own wonderful memories, while the third is still enjoying the experience. They have learned so much academically, spiritually, and socially. Boys from different backgrounds, academic abilities, talents and interests are all able to thrive and succeed. CBC truly has something for everyone!



Drew Crump '11
Admissions Coordinator
My name is Drew Crump and I am a proud CBC graduate from the Class of 2011. I have the privilege of working and developing relationships with prospective students and their families. My goal is to help you see and feel what being part of our CBC community is like.
WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE CBC: As a recent graduate, I can attest to how truly special CBC is and the impact it can have on a young man. I came to CBC a boy, and four years later, I graduated a confident and driven young man prepared for college and for life.
MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT CBC: I can’t narrow it down to one single aspect above the rest. I believe it’s a combination of intangibles, such as a real sense of community, 166-year tradition, pride our students have for the school, a Lasallian education, and being part of a life-long brotherhood.
However, the best way to understand what CBC is all about is to come and see for yourself. I invite you to take a private tour with the whole family, be a Cadet for a day on your Official Visit, or join us at CBC Summer Academy.
Thank you for your interest in CBC and I can’t wait to meet you and your family. See you soon!